Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I go for glass?

Glass allows products to taste better, is easier to clean and more environmentally sound since it doesn't contribute to trash in landfills or oceans. And glass is a healthier option; it doesn't leach chemicals into the liquids it holds.

Won't my bottle break?

FunkyBottles are created to be sturdier, which you'll notice when you feel its heft. We've designed it to take the everyday tumble from a table or chair, but let's be clear, the bottle is made of glass. If you drop it from a high enough ledge or hurl it across a room, it's going to break.

How do I wash my bottle?

If you are using the bottle for water, a simple rinse with how water will do the job. For an occasional deep cleaning we suggest washing it with warm and soapy water, shake it a few times and then rinse it. 

Are the bottles dishwater safe?

Absolutely! The stickers we use can resist temperatures up to 80 C in combination with soap, detergent or even oil. They are the best quality stickers on the market specially designed for extreme conditions. 

How are the bottles made?

They’re made in a semi-automatic blowing process from 75% post consumer recycled glass. They’re hand finished, carefully annealed and rigorously inspected.

How are the Portrait Bottles made?

Every portrait is unique. Our artist draws them by hand using a thin pen on paper. No ruler, everything by hand! After that, we take a picture of it and edit it in Photoshop for best quality-print results on stickers.

Can I have my own design on the bottle?

Yes, it's possible. Even though we don't do this as our main activity, we can also do something else for a special occasion. Just contact us and tell what you need!

Can I sell your products in my store?

Yes! We are looking forward to hearing from retailers who are committed to quality design and responsible use of resources through "reduce, reuse and recycle" programs. Please contact us to get to know each other.

How can I send back a product?

If you're not completely satisfied with your new FunkyBottles, simply return within 14 days and we'll refund your money.

You can send us a message on Facebook, Whatsapp or Email with your order number and we'll give you the return form which guarantees Free Returns in the Netherlands.

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