Funky Bottles – Wild: Wolf – 420ml



Product specifications:

Material: Shock-resistant Borosilicate Glass

Capacity: 420 ml

Size: 18 cm x 6.5 cm

Weight: 247 g

Features: Dishwasher-safe (up to 80°C)


A Healthy Bottle For A Cleaner Water!



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FunkyBottles – Care for the Earth.

  • This is the right choice if you are looking to use it for drinking water everyday. 
  • Glass keeps the same taste of the water for a longer period of time and also doesn’t leak any chemicals such as plastic.
  • It is convenient to carry due to its small size and light weight.
  • The material we use is Borosilicate, which is the stronger type of glass that resists to greater impact than the usual ones.
  • It is very easy to clean as you can put it into the dishwasher or just rinse with warm water.

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